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Qiangsheng Group is founded in 2005,Located in Xianghe county(Beijing-Tianjing corridor). It is a professionl enterprise that specializing in electric tricycle R&D,production,sales,trading and spare parts service.

Our factory covers an area of 50,000 square meters,owns the most advanced production line and detection equipment,professional welding workshops,machining workshops,electrophoresis painting workshops and assembly workshops.

We employ over 800 staff, including more than 40 specialists and 5 senior engineers responsible for all product design, research, testing, and inspection. Our 24 senior management personnel oversee all aspects of the company's operations. Our annual production capacity has exceeded 300,000 units.

"Qiangsheng" is our registered trademark, recognized as a famous brand in Hebei Province. We have received numerous national honors and hold over 30 national patents and utility model patents.Our electric tricycle have awarded numbers of patents:Double rear axle,Multifunctional shed,Gearbox,Electic insulation box,Movable seat,Folding seat,Etc.

Qiangsheng adopts a dual marketing strategy of "foreign trade + domestic sales," exporting to over 30 countries and regions, including being a designated product of the Five Nations Mutual Trade Alliance with China, Japan, Korea, Russia, and India. We generate over $50 million in foreign exchange earnings annually, with figures continuously rising.

We are committed to "scientific management, technological leadership, excellent quality, and customer priority," following a policy of "integrity in business." As a production enterprise integrating "sheet metal, painting, welding, and assembly," we have an independent R&D center recognized at both provincial and municipal levels. We are dedicated to innovation, developing new products continuously to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Nine core technologies



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5.Once the pectotype is approved, weimmediately start mass production.

6.Each elecric tricycle undergoes rigorous qullity thecks to ensure high sandards.

7.Providing comprehensive afte-sales supppt and service ensure customer starfacione.

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  • Over than 19 years of experience

    Our company was established in 2005 and has many years of experience and expertise in the industry And in 2019, it obtained the national first-class motorcycle enterprise qualification

  • Recognition by 30+ countries

    Our company was established in 2005 and has many years of experience and expertise in the industry And in 2019, it obtained the national first-class motorcycle enterprise qualification

  • Annual production capacity exceeded 300,000 units

    The company has more than 800 employees, more than 40 professional and technical personnel, 5 senior engineers, responsible for the design, research and development, test and inspection of all products, 24 senior management personnel, annual capacity of more than 300,000 vehicles. In 2023, a new production line with a daily capacity of 300 units will be invested


QSD electric three-wheelers are redefining the way we move through life's tapestry. With versatility at their core, they serve as the robust threads that connect a multitude of tasks, from the hum of city trade to the serene paths of coastal landscapes.

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